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The Right Way To Do Retaining Walls

the right way to do retaining walls

You want to walk out of the basement and see the view from there, but the elevation is hard and just puts anyone in danger. You want to get that fixed but in a way that won’t ruin the natural vibe that you want to feel when you walk around.

The Beauty of Moment Frames

the beauty of moment frames

The Beauty of Moment Frames

Earthquakes are terrifying for homeowners who spent millions of dollars building their dream home, but that’s beyond anyone’s control.

The good thing is that there’s a way to reduce the impact of earthquakes on your house, and one is by using moment frames.

What to Consider When Hiring Roof Contractors

what to consider when hiring roof contractors

When looking for a roof contractor, choose the one who can develop effective ways on how water damages can be avoided, like heating the roof.

Working With Landmarks West: Herron Home

Working With Landmarks West: Herron Home

“The most important thing is sitting there and talking to them. There was a sense that they communicate very well. And in an industry not known for communication and industry in which people tend to do their work and throw it over the wall to the next guy and hope that he catches it with little to no communication, we thought that was key.” – Steve Herron