Where to Place the Dining Table

Where to Place the Dining Table

Oh, yes. The dining table, which is one of the much-loved areas in any home. However, terrible lighting can ruin anyone’s mood, so it’s important that you place it in a perfect spot so people can feel incredibly satisfied both in and out.

Keep in mind that while great conversations happen in the dining room, the worst ones can begin there, too!

How to Build Flat Roofs

How to build flat roofs

It may seem so simple to build flat roofs because they don’t have angles, but this type of roof is actually complex and tricky. Even though the installation is pretty straightforward because we just slap the roof layout on top, there are lots of beam and steel works, even more than traditional roofs!

The Beauty of Moment Frames

the beauty of moment frames

The Beauty of Moment Frames

Earthquakes are terrifying for homeowners who spent millions of dollars building their dream home, but that’s beyond anyone’s control.

The good thing is that there’s a way to reduce the impact of earthquakes on your house, and one is by using moment frames.

How to Make Your Roof Last Throughout the Year

how to make your roof last throughout the year

Snow load is heavy and leaks are just a total nightmare for homeowners. But if you don’t make your roof weather-proof, the snow that piled up in winter will melt and might turn into leaks in fall.