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Talking Trends

Design Your Space To Your Needs

What would you say if we told you that the layout of your kitchen could help you to maximize efficiency, save time, and even start out your day more peacefully? Short of actually making your morning coffee for you – sorry, you’re still on your own for that! – designer Lesa Peers has all the tips you need in order to simplify your life while also beautifying your kitchen. In this Talking Trends, Lesa walks us through her process for creating pantries that declutter the countertop and cater to the specific lifestyle needs of her clients. Lesa’s unique approach will help you to think outside the box about how to turn your interests and needs – whether you’re a renowned pastry baker or an expert at the grab-and-go smoothie – into a pantry layout that will add joy and efficiency to your daily routine. Check it out!

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