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Finding the Confidence to Bring Your Dream to Life

“It was just so unknown and frankly, a little bit scary . . . There was the potential that if we put our trust in the wrong person we could be out a lot of money, and maybe not even be able to accomplish what we needed to do. Two years into this, it was one of the best things that we could have done.” –Brady, The Bed Room

When Brady and Kadan of The Bed Room first began dreaming of this new business venture, they’d never had to build a new commercial space from scratch before. They had no idea where to start – and found themselves feeling even more nervous when other contractors appeared just as clueless as they felt! Listen in to learn what set Landmarks West apart from the other contractors they spoke with, and how Brady went from feeling intimidated and overwhelmed to feeling confident in their ability to bring his team’s unique vision to life.

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